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Art of Procurement Podcast

In this episode of the podcast, Philip Ideson asks Hélène Laffitte, Founder and CEO of Consulting Quest, some of the questions heard most frequently about managing consulting spend.

World Procurement Awards

Consulting Quest was selected as finalist by the World Procurement Awards 2018 in the Best Procurement Consultancy Project Award category.

Industry Era Magazine

Consulting Quest was honored to be selected as “10 best solution providers of 2018” by Industry Era Magazine
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Short Version

Consulting Quest helps businesses to create more impact by better using, buying and managing Consulting Services.

Long Version

Founded in 2014, Consulting Quest is the world leader in consulting procurement. At Consulting Quest, we are convinced that Companies can better and faster reach their goals by smartly leveraging management consulting. “Creating more impact by better using, buying and managing Consulting Services”. We know how to help companies do just that.

We partner with executives as well as procurement teams. We provide customized solutions addressing all steps of the consulting sourcing process to control their costs and maximize the impact they get from their consulting spend. As the leading pure player on consulting sourcing, we operate on a global scale, blend digital and human capabilities to deliver on our promise: smart consulting sourcing.

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People often ask the differences between internal and external consultants. This week Let's tackle the 7 most common questions you migh have and never dare to ask about internal nternal vs external consultants #smartconsultingsourcing #podcast #sourcing

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